The John Howard Prime Ministerial Research Room

The John Howard Prime Ministerial Research Room, located within Old Parliament House (Canberra), provides a secure environment to access materials from the Howard Library collection and a place away from distraction to conduct research into government, governance and public policy. 

The secure space provides a desk, docking station, laptop and screen for an individual researcher who would like to access materials from the Library or Reference Collections. It is also available to visiting scholars, UNSW staff and Masters students in the UNSW Canberra School of Professional Studies. It is also available to members, adjuncts and associates of the UNSW Canberra Public Partnerships and Impact Hub. 

The Research Room can be used to access UNSW library systems, while it physically includes books on Prime Minister Howard, the Howard Governments, Australian politics, public administration, public policy and governance. The Room also includes the latest collections from the Prime Minister’s History Prize and the Australian Political Book of the Year. 

Bookings can be made between 10am and 4pm on Tuesday to Thursday. Other hours can be arranged by application. 

Booking requests can be made via: howardlibrary@unsw.edu.au